It is now more cost effective than ever to construct complex corporate maps and geographic information systems. This allows all kinds of analysis and can be useful to Allocate with ease definable areas of risk, or public and private development projects, maintaining a macro vision of your investment.

The development of tailored geographic information systems allow for the consolidation of different property attributes, their legal and physical reality on the ground, its geolocation information and satellite imagery.

Relevant aspects of special projects to develop based on corporate mapping:
  • Vectorization of plots and georeferenced property identification on geographic maps
  • Development of geographic information systems (GIS), including map layers and geo-referenced databases according to customer requirements.
  • Georeferenced inventories to determine the state of public and / or private projects (roads, bridges, hospitals, etc).
  • Inventory possessions and occupations in the field, including crops, improvements and evolution over time
  • Construction plans for the identification of risk areas, mapping for tsunami alerts and
  • Orthorectified aerial and satellite images
Examples of projects already implemented:
  • Designing special projects to make utilize legal, geographic and physical information pertaining the terrain of the estate, in accordance to customer needs.
  •  Georeferenced databases property identified and classified by the situation that affects customer requirements.
  • Mapping corporate real estate assets
  • Mapping of the buildings affected by specific projects
  • Mapping private properties
  • Cartographies of roads, crops, occupations, among others.

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