Before starting any project or making a real estate investment in the Dominican Republic, it is essential to have the necessary legal advice to avoid future delays, conflicts and drawbacks that prevent its development. The law that prevails in the Dominican Republic has a lot of particularities that should be taken into account in order to complete the proper approval and protection of your interests and rights.  For this reason is so important to count upon a legal counseling offered by knowledgeable specialized professionals, that provides you with the indispensables tools to help you make the best decision about your investment.

Relevant aspects:
  • Analyze the feasibility of the project and / or investment according to the regulations.
  • Define the legal implications of a real estate development project.
  • Define strategies to run a real estate development project and minimize risks.
  • Define the critical aspects to consider for the development of a project.
Examples of projects implemented:
  • Legal advice in urban development projects
  • Legal advice in condominium construction projects
  • Legal advice in tourism development projects
  • Legal advice on the legal status of a property
  • Legal advice to the acquisition of property

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