It is essential to ensure proper georeferencing of the property to ensure its existence and location in the field. The Dominican real estate registration system requires all lands be properly determined, individualized and measured according to the standards and regulations established by the Jurisdicción de Tierras.

Lexgeo pays special attention to the mensuration process, which is not limited to simply measuring the land, but includes cadastral and registry studies. The surveyor and his brigade are best thought of as technical field investigators. Especial attention is taken with overlapping boundaries, invasions and detection of abnormalities, so that corrective action can be taken. All this with the assistance of a legal team that provides support and monitors all steps of the process.

Examples of land mensuration and technical jobs:
  • Sanitation
  • Measuring updates
  • boundaries
  • Adjustments of plots
  • Updated land consolidation and registration (complex properties)
  • Subdivisions
  • consolidations
  • Condominiums
Examples of projects already implemented:
  • Mensuration of massive corporate heritage assets.
  • Mensuration in areas with administrative and legal damages.
  • Georeferenced Surveys for the landholding negotiation
  • Georeferenced road surveys

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