The combination of lawyers, surveyors, engineers and architects allows for much more than the verification of registry titles. A realty audit presents the origin of the land, with territorial adjacencies and administrative encumbrances that may befall the property. Further, the cadastral surveying and judicial status are presented to help you make the most informed decision regarding the purchase, ownership, and management of landholdings in the Dominican Republic.

Relevant aspects of the Realty Audit:
  • Inquiry about the land title and cadastral situation of the property.
  • Research into the legal status of the parcel.
  • Administrative and legal encumbrances of the property.
  • Investigation of adjacencies.
  • Accurate determination of the possession of the land.
  • Analysis and classification of the situation of the property.
Examples of projects already implemented:
  • Realty Audit of Corporate assets.
  • Realty audit of bank’s portfolio of loaned properties.
  • Realty audit of soon to be acquired properties.


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